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To celebrate our 10,000th visualization since 2005, we’re raffling off a Graphic Recording to one lucky winner!

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Professional Graphic Recording

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Promoting dialogue and enhancing meeting outcomes

What is a Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording – on site at a meeting as a live reflection surface
Mathias Weitbrecht creates a graphic recording during a large conference.

All individuals in the room can see and experience the live visual documentation of the content, allowing them to engage with it.

As one of the largest teams of Graphic Recorders in the DACH region and with global partners, we not only provide unique delivery capabilities but also offer an unparalleled variety of visual styles.

Year after year, we capture the content of clients worldwide in hundreds of Graphic Recordings. This has positioned us as one of the market leaders.

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Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway

Here are the necessary legal details:

The deadline for participation is December 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM via the form on this website. The winner can have a one-day event visualized by us in 2024 (online or live onsite in Germany) and will receive the original artwork and photos.

Travel expenses are not included and are waived for online events.

Each participant will be verified by phone and/or email to prevent fraud or multiple applications.

Participation in the drawing and the chances of winning are in no way tied to any past, current, or future collaboration as our customer. Our privacy policy, linked at the bottom of the page, applies. By using the form, I agree to the storage and processing of data by this website.

Legal recourse is excluded.

10,000th Visualization Since 2005

Win a free Graphic Recording!

Participate 100% free of charge
F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graphic Recordings

Graphic Recording is the process of using hand-sketched images and text to visualize conferences, meetings, or workshops in real-time. The primary focus of Graphic Recording is to support the idea of generating insights, fostering collaboration, and enhancing group processes during meetings. The core skills involved in this work include active listening, asking open-ended questions, creating meta-level understanding, pattern recognition, conceptual abilities, understanding group dynamics, general knowledge, energetic competencies, and more.

We visualize either digitally or on large paper sheets during live events on-site. In the case of digital creation during online events or meetings, the visualization expert actively participates, and the visuals are either displayed during and/or after the event, depending on the event’s duration and the intended purpose of the visualization.

On-site, paper sheets are attached to fixed walls or display boards, allowing everyone to follow the process. Through the combination of images and text, Graphic Recording appeals to both the intellect and emotions. Take a look at our portfolio to get impressions of our visualization work.

First, our focus is on preparation. We are known for our thorough preparatory work and the integration of visualization into the processes and communication taking place in your organization. During this phase, we inquire about your goals. During the event, we usually act as silent companions in your conference, meeting, or workshop, visualizing and recording everything that is being discussed. Your event proceeds as usual; you don’t need to change your agenda. The product is typically finalized by the end of the meeting when the last words are spoken. At this point, we can present the image if desired. In the case of analog creation, the image is high-quality photographed and handed over to you. This is followed by post-processing, so you will have an edited JPG shortly afterward. With digitally created recordings, you receive the image immediately after the event.

Graphic Recording will be beneficial for you or your company if you engage in interactive communication, aim to anchor content sustainably, and desire high-quality documentation. We carefully listen, filter, and connect what is heard before putting it on paper. We engage in interaction, acting more as business partners and facilitators than mere illustrators. Throughout our work, we often adopt a meta-perspective to grasp the overall context and various perspectives. This enhances understanding of complex connections, productivity, and creativity. It also helps you remember the important aspects of the conversation long beyond the event.

Visualization methods like Graphic Recording are inherently agnostic to specific topics and industries. We excel in broad knowledge and bring the experience of hundreds of projects across various industries. But that’s not all: we are masters at interdisciplinary thinking, connecting information, listening, and utilizing metaphors. While we may not need to understand every detail, we make it a point to comprehend your goals and messages. We always prioritize a thorough preparation process that aligns with your needs.


A preparatory meeting will be held over the phone to clarify content and logistics. All you need to provide is a fixed wall or display boards (e.g., Metaplan) as a working surface and a standing table. During our discussion, we will address your concerns and inform you if there is anything else you need to prepare. Typically, we require 45 minutes before the event to set up our materials in the room and synchronize with you. The ideal location is to the left or right of the stage/speaker position in the first third of the room, along a side wall. We bring everything else we need ourselves. For digital Graphic Recording, we require a table, chair, and power supply (possibly a projector connection).

After our session, the visualizations belong to you (except in the case of pro bono or free services). You will receive both the originals and the digitized photos we take of them. You will have all rights to the images, so feel free to use them for your internal and external communication. Included in our fee is an optional follow-up session over the phone and a consultation on how you can sustainably utilize the images after the current event to continue pursuing your goals. We also provide tips on this via email.


Being able to handle both team size and project management is our strength. We have the largest team of visualizers in the German-speaking countries and one of the largest in Europe. When we send you a team of visualizers, it will always have a team lead, providing you with a central point of contact.

No. Graphic Recording is a method that originated on the West Coast of the USA about 40 years ago. It is a relatively young discipline that falls under the broader context of „visualization“ (rather than the illustrative or artistic domain). Graphic Recording primarily emerged to support meetings, foster collaboration, generate insights, and facilitate group processes. At Visual Facilitators, we fully embrace the original mindset and intention of Graphic Recording.

We take responsibility for our field of work and provide training for both process facilitators and illustrators aiming to become proficient visualizers.

No. The Artists‘ Social Security Fund (KSK) has confirmed in writing that Graphic Recording is not subject to a contribution. Even during audits, it has been shown that there is no obligation to contribute, unless the purpose is advertising or public relations. Graphic Recording is not considered an artistic or illustrative activity. While there are increasingly trained illustrators who perform this visualization method, they are not acting in the role of an illustrator in this case. Instead, they function as facilitators or process facilitators who visualize.

Graphic Recording originated about 40 years ago on the West Coast of the USA. It is a relatively young discipline that falls within the broader context of „visualization“ (rather than the illustrative or artistic domain). Graphic Recording originated from process facilitation, consulting, and organizational development. This remains true to this day. The approach is comparable to the use of flipcharts by consultants and trainers.

The KSK is based on the principle that illustrators, artists, etc., create works where authorship is established. It is somewhat about the creator, the author. However, in the case of Graphic Recording, it is not about the author. On the contrary, since its inception in the 1970s, it has been a fundamental aspect of the method that the visualizer takes a back seat. From a personal standpoint, interpretation of content, to the focus on why they visualize: it is always about the process, never about the product (image).

The essential skills of a good Graphic Recorder predominantly lie in process facilitation, listening, processing/filtering information, forming meta-levels, and only secondarily in the area of „drawing“ (we say „visualizing“ since Graphic Recorders often do a lot of writing).

At Visual Facilitators, we fully embrace the original mindset and intention of Graphic Recording.

In addition to Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation, we also provide process visualization, knowledge visualization, strategy images, and hand-drawn explainer videos – all backed by a solid background of experience and customer references. You can also rely on us as facilitators for your initiatives in change and transformation projects.

Graphic Recording is visually documenting: It is a written and visual record of a meeting, process, event, or conference in real-time. Facilitation, on the other hand, is a moderating process guidance that supports the group towards a goal through the use of dialogue methods, etc. In some cases, this guidance is also visualized in parallel (Visual Facilitation).

Schedule an initial phone call for today: Let’s discuss your project and goals – what you and your group need and how we can support you. Especially if this is your first experience with visualization, we’ll guide you, prepare you, and lead you through the process. Feel free to contact us through our contact form or by phone.

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